Safer organisations toolkit

This toolkit is intended to help your organisation to meet high standards of safe and effective practice regarding the well-being of children and young people.

Safer organisations toolkit (DOC)

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Responding to domestic abuse - Risk indicators in relation to children

GSCB Annual Conference

Presentations from GSCB annual conferences

GSCB Conference full programme and speaker profile (PDF)

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Prof Eileen Munro - Systems Approach to SCRs (PDF)

Size: 632.63 KB

Prof Harry Ferguson - Towards Intimate Child Protection Practice (PDF)

Size: 213.46 KB

Dr Joanna Sales - Suicide in SCRs (PDF)

Size: 1.24 MB

Veronica Mythen - National and local SCRs key issues (PDF)

Size: 213.6 KB

Prof Donald Forrester Why do children become invisible (PDF)

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Seminar 1 - Sarah Ingram - Hidden Harm PSM (PDF)

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Seminar 2 - Richard Anderson - Parental Mental Illness (PDF)

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Seminar 3 - Olivia Edmondson - Working with Young People who Self Harm (PDF)

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Full conference programme and biographies (PDF)

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Professor David Shemmings - 'Long' 'Term' 'Neglect' (PDF)

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Dr Danielle Turney - Supporting the needs of children who have experienced neglect (PDF)

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Veronica Mythen - The multi-agency response to neglect in Greenwich (PDF)

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Preventing child neglect through the Family Nurse Partnership (PDF)

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Using the Strengthening Families approach in Child Protection Conferences to address child neglect issues (PDF)

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Volunteers Supporting Families: How volunteers help to safeguard children at risk of or experiencing neglect (PDF)

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Me-Learning Flyer 2015-16 (PDF)

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GSCB Annul Conference Nov 2015 Programme (PDF)

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Dr Carlene Firmin - Peer on Peer Exploitation (PDF)

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Andrew O'Sullivan - Tackling the Exploitation of children (PDF)

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Workshop - Child Sexual Exploitation (PDF)

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Workshop - Self Harm (PDF)

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Workshop - Understanding gangs and youth violence (PDF)

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GSCB Annual Conference Programme 2016 (PDF)

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Donald Findlater - Preventing Child Sexual Abuse (PDF)

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Graham Ritchie - Improving Support for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse (PDF)

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Henrietta Quartano - Multi-agency response to CSA in Greenwich (PDF)

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Seminar 4 - Beyond Disclosure - Working with Children who may have been Sexually Abused (PDF)

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Seminar 1 - "Making sense" of sex offender behaviour to prevent abuse (PDF)

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Seminar 2 - Supporting the non-abusing parents (PDF)

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Seminar 3 - Working with harmful sexual behaviour in adolescents (PDF)

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Domestic Violence Factsheet

Domestic Violence Resources and tools

Royal Borough of Greenwich Domestic Violence Strategy (PDF)

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Dash with guidance (DOC)

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Barnardo's risk matrix (PDF)

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DV handbook for SWs (DOC)

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Wheel of power and control (PDF)

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GSCB Toxic Trio practice guidance (PDF)

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MARAC referral form updated (DOC)

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DV - direct work tool (PDF)

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DV - prompt questions (PDF)

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DV - what I want (PDF)

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Feeling safe (PDF)

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My fears (PDF)

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Safety Plan 10+ (PDF)

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Safety Planning (PDF)

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Under 10 safety plan (PDF)

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Anger thermometer (PDF)

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GSCB DVA Fact Sheet (PDF)

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Core Group Standards

Core Group Standards

Core Group Standards (PDF)

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Core Group Members Leaflet (PDF)

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Healthy Relationships Session Plan

A tool for professionals who have an understanding of safeguarding children issues to support young people in schools and youth clubs to develop a better understanding about Healthy Relationships

Prevention, Early Help and Thresholds documents

Tools for the Children's Workforce to support implementation of Greenwich early help offer.Threshold document.MASH information


On this page you can download a series of GSCB factsheets

GSCB Factsheet 1: Disguised Compliance (PDF)

Size: 261.13 KB

GSCB Factsheet 2: Neglect (PDF)

Size: 224.6 KB

GSCB Factsheet 3: DVA (PDF)

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Toxic Trio Protocol and Guidance

Multi-Agency Protocol and guidance for working with children living in families affected by domestic abuse, parental mental ill health and substance misuse

Child Sexual Exploitation CSE

Key documents relating to CSE

GSCB CSE Strategy 2015 (PDF)

Size: 363.95 KB

CSE Risk Assessment Tool (DOCX)

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GSCB Neglect Strategy and Practice Guidance

Neglect Strategy and Practice guidance

GSCB Neglect Strategy (PDF)

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GSCB Neglect Practice Guidance June 2017 (PDF)

Size: 508.38 KB

Protocols and guidance

GSCB protocols and guidance

GSCB Inter-agency Escalation Policy (PDF)

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GSCB Self Harm Protocols June 2016 (PDF)

Size: 1.08 MB

LADO leaflet - blue (PDF)

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results survey data charts

GSCB pupil survey results 2016 (PDF)

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Neglect Campaign

Documents relating to the neglect campaign

GSCB GSAB Joint Conference

Presentations from GSCB GSAB joint conference 21 June 2017

AWRC Honour-based violence (PDF)

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FMU keynote (PDF)

Size: 2.75 MB

FMU seminar (PDF)

Size: 1.98 MB

HTF keynote (PDF)

Size: 483.32 KB

Salvation Army seminar (PDF)

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Greenwich Self-Harm and Suicidal Ideation Protocol

Professional Curiosity

Professional Curiosity Factsheet (PDF)

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GSCB Multi-agency Training Programme 2018/2019

Children and Young People's Mental Health and Wellbeing

Guide to symptoms and services for professionals working with children and young people.

Contextual Risk Early Identification Tool

The Contextual Risk Early Identification Tool helps you think about the signs and symptoms that a child may be at risk of sexual or criminal exploitation, for example by gangs.