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Prevention and early help

For children who need additional help, every day matters.

We know we will have more chance of helping children and families if we identify their problems swiftly and intervene early to support them. Some children in Royal Greenwich, at some point in their childhood, have additional needs requiring targeted or specialist help and support. As part of our prevention strategy we have developed several tools for the Children's Workforce to support implementation of our early help offer.

The Prevention Strategy, originally approved in May 2012 has been updated in line with recent service changes and Working Together 2015. A key new component of the Prevention suite of documents is the Protocol for Assessment and Threshold Guidance. This document sets out arrangements for assessing children with additional needs and providing child-centred effective help that is proportionate to the child’s needs and risks to their welfare.

The Early Help Guidance brings together a range of tools to support front-line practitioners, including forms, templates and flowcharts.

To support practitioners to identify appropriate and timely interventions, Royal Greenwich maintains an online preventions directory.

This directory supports practitioners working with families with children and young people to identify appropriate and timely interventions for families in the royal borough. This should serve as a key tool for local practitioners in their early help work with families, preventing escalation of need. The directory indicates the levels of intervention supported by services, provides an outline of the service, contact details and information about appropriate referral routes.

As it is a practitioner-only directory, colleagues will be required to register to the directory and to sign in with their registration details every time the directory is accessed. This should be quick and straightforward. The directory will constantly develop and practitioners are encouraged to contribute new information, update the existing information and send suggestions for improvement.

For further information or assistance with registering please contact Rachel Dunn on