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The Greenwich Safeguarding Children Board has launched an exciting and informative series of ‘at a glance’ factsheets that promote a greater insight into various aspects of safeguarding children. The aim of these factsheets is to provide busy practitioners and volunteers with relevant, concise and accessible information that would assist them in their work with children, young people and parents/carers.

The first of these factsheets is about ‘disguised compliance’, a topic often discussed in recent Serious Case Reviews. Aimed at practitioners, this factsheet defines disguised compliance and describes the main indicators. It highlights some of the pitfalls for practitioners as well as aspects of good practice drawn from research literature and guidance.

The second factsheet focuses on the issue of neglect

We would welcome feedback on the content of the factsheets and on what topics we should cover. Please email your comments to 

We hope you will find these factsheets informative, useful and relevant to your role.

GSCB Factsheet 1: Disguised Compliance

GSCB Factsheet 2: Child Neglect

GSCB Factsheet 3: DV&A 

Professional Curiosity Factsheet - Professional curiosity means exploring every possible indicator of abuse or neglect and trying to understand what the life of that child is like on a day to day basis - their routines, thoughts, feelings and relationships with family members. A professional may have the opportunity to identify abuse and neglect even if they come into contact with a family for an unrelated reason.