Children & Young People

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Sometimes you can deal with problems on your own. Other things are too difficult to manage by yourself and it will be important to talk to someone you trust like your parent or carer, friend, teacher or other adult you are comfortable with.

Here you will find information on keeping safe and where you can go when you need someone to talk to.




Running Away and Going Missing


Domestic Abuse

Forced Marriage


Relationship Abuse

  • Abuse is not normal and never ok. If you are in a relationship with someone, you should feel loved, safe, respected and free to be yourself. There are different forms of abuse, which you can find out about here, but if your relationship leaves you feeling scared, intimidated or controlled, it’s possible you’re in an abusive relationship. Find out more about the issue and seek help here.
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Child Abuse 


Drugs and Alcohol


Violence and Gangs




Sexual Exploitation 


People Who Can Help


Female Genital Mutilation